Information to creditors concerning non-acceptance of claims filed not within the time limit


We hereby indicate that the administrator of BAB Ūkio bankas will not accept the creditors’ claims lodged not within the time limit, i.e. 7 August 2013, and will return them to the claimants.

Please be informed that pursuant to Article 10(9) of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, the court shall have the right to accept creditors’ claims filed not within the time limit for submitting creditors’ claims (7 August 2013), provided that the court recognises the reasons for not observing the set time limit as important. Where the ruling of the court of arbitration establishing creditors’ claims has been adopted after the specified time limit, the court shall recognise creditors’ claims as an amendment to the list of creditors and their claims, provided that these creditors’ claims were not previously approved. Creditors’ petitions for the recognition of claims which arose prior to the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings submitted after the time limit specified above shall be accepted only until the day of adoption by the court of a ruling to terminate bankruptcy proceedings or a decision to liquidate the enterprise by reason of bankruptcy.