Information to AB Ūkio bankas shareholders


Considering that BAB Ūkio bankas receives many inquiries from the bank’s shareholders concerning the submission of creditors’ claims, please be informed that BAB Ūkio bankas shareholders need not submit creditors’ claims on the basis of shares they hold. If a person who is a shareholder has a financial claim against the bank arising from the bank’s products, sold goods and/or provided services or on any other grounds, the creditors’ claim is subject to submission and such submitted claim may additionally show information about the shares held by the person. It has to be noted that pursuant to Article 87 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Banks and Articles 31(1)(6) and 35 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Enterprise Bankruptcy, priority in satisfying claims should be given to the creditors of BAB Ūkio bankas (i.e. all natural and legal persons having the right to request from BAB Ūkio bankas the discharge of duties and liabilities), and should the assets of the bank in bankruptcy be sufficient for the satisfaction of all creditors’ claims, the assets remaining following settlements with the creditors would be returned to the shareholders.