Information to creditors of Ukio bankas, JSC


Ukio bankas, JSCB

Legal entity code 112020136

Maironio St. 25, LT-44250 Kaunas, the Republic of Lithuania


(for use in the bankruptcy case of Ukio bankas, JSCB )

By a decision of 2nd May 2013, made in civil case No B2-1786-254/2013 which came into effect on 7th June 2013,  Kaunas District Court initiated bankruptcy proceedings on Ukio bankas, JSC (legal entity code 112020136, registered address Maironio St. 25, Kaunas), appointed Valnetas, Co. Ltd. (legal entity code 135778275, registered address Kestucio St. 58-3, Kaunas) as the bankruptcy administrator, and determined the period of one month from the date when the decision to initiate bankruptcy proceedings comes into force for the submission of financial claims of  the  creditors of Ukio bankas, JSCB.  

When you fill up your creditor’s claim to Ukio bankas, JSCB, please take into account the following information: 

Submission of a creditor‘s claim form you can find here.

The provided form must be completed in capital printed letters clearly and orderly;

The creditor’s claim must be signed by the creditor of his/her/its authorized person on every page of the creditor’s claim;

The amount of the creditor’s claim must be indicated according to the data of 2nd May, 2013.  The amount should be indicated in Litas according to the official rate of Litas and a respective foreign currency announced by the Bank of Lithuania for the indicated date;

Copies of documents substantiating the main claim, interest and/or forfeit, available means of securing discharge of the obligations, identity of a natural person, registration and representation of a legal entity, as well as authorizations must be annexed to the creditor’s claim;

All copies of documents submitted with the creditor’s claim must be appropriately certified (in the case the creditor is a legal entity – by the head, in the case it is a natural person – by the natural person). When the creditor’s claim is submitted by a representative of the person/entity whose document confirming the representation is issued abroad, as well as when documents issued by official institutions of foreign countries are annexed to the creditor’s claim, these documents should be legalized or confirmed by a certificate (Apostille), following the Description of the order of document legalization and confirmed by a certificate (Apostille) approved by Decision No. 1079 of 30th October 2006 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;   

Financial creditors’ claims to Ukio bankas, JSC shall be submitted in Lithuanian. The bank’s creditor whose permanent residence or registered office is in an accepting member-state of the European Union, has the right to submit claims in the national language or in one of the national languages of that member state, but a translation into Lithuanian must be annexed (Article 92(6) of the Law on Banks of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the LB)). If the creditor’s claim is submitted in the national language or in one of the national languages of a member state of the European Union (except Lithuania), the claim should have the heading “Reikalavimo pateikimas” in the national language of the Republic of Lithuania (in Lithuanian) (Article 42(2) of Council Regulation No.1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings( dated 29th May, 2000);

We hereby indicate that, following Article 761 of the Law on Banks of the Republic of Lithuania, part of the obligations of Ukio bankas, JSCB was transferred to Siauliu bankas, JSC. Financial creditors’ claims can be submitted only in relation to obligations that have not been transferred to Siauliu bankas, JSC;

When you calculate and inscribe in the creditor’s claim its part of the demanded interest and forfeit, please take into account that, according to Article 85(3)(3) of the LB, the calculation of interest for the whole bank’s obligations is terminated from the date when bankruptcy proceedings are initiated on Ukio bankas, JSCB, and, according to Article 76(7)(3 of the LB, the calculation of forfeit for all the obligations of the bank is terminated from the date when the decision to announce the limitation of the bank’s activities (moratorium) and to appoint the temporary administrator of the bank is submitted to the bank (12th February, 2013);

One creditor’s claim should be submitted on behalf of one legal or physical entity;

Please submit the creditor’s claim by 8th July, 2013 (inclusive) to the address: Ukio bankas, JSCB, Maironio St. 25, LT 44250 Kaunas.  

Submission of a creditor‘s claim form you can find here.