Nearly LTL 1.5 million paid to the staff of Ūkio bankas in bankruptcy


Ūkio bankas bankruptcy administrator distributed and transferred LTL 1.453 million in funds from the Guarantee Fund to the former staff of the bank in bankruptcy. First payments went to 410 first ranking creditors.

The confirmed liabilities to first ranking creditors total LTL 4.4 million – the remaining amount of liabilities will be reimbursed after a decision is passed by the Committee of Creditors.

The Kaunas Regional Court confirmed the total amount of financial claims of the creditors of Ūkio bankas in bankruptcy in the amount of LTL 1,438,870,762. The major portion of financial claims, over LTL 801 million, comprises liabilities to the second ranking creditor, VĮ Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas. The ranking of creditors is currently the subject of legal disputes.

Third ranking creditors expect to recover LTL 8.6 million, fourth ranking ones – more than LTL 530 million. Liabilities towards sixth ranking creditors total LTL 94.2 million.

The Kaunas Regional Court opened bankruptcy proceedings against Ūkio bankas on 2 May 2013. The ruling became effective on 7 June.